Exercise 2 — Typeface Tracing

Our next exercise involves exploring the weight, proportions, and rhythm of different typefaces. We were asked to do this by tracing four different typefaces Adobe Garamond, Didot, Helvetica, and Futura on paper. …


Part 1 — Exploring Caslon

Caslon is an old-style serif typeface designed by William Caslon, who had a strong reputation for typefaces that were extremely suitable for long passages of text, with high quality and attractive appearances. Caslon was heavily influenced by Dutch Baroque typefaces, which were popular in…

The aim of our second CDF project was to use only black squares while considering Gestalt principles of proximity, similarity, continuity, closure, and connectedness to symbolize five words: order, tension, congestion, comfort, and playfulness.

Part 1

For our first part of the experiment, we created 25 small ‘thumbnails’, 5 per…

Hi! My name is Rhea Chopra. I’m a sophomore studying Physics and Music at Carnegie Mellon University. I’m in the Class of 2023 and looking to explore more in the world of design!

This week’s assignment is to understand why some things are effectively, or ineffectively, designed.

Effective Design: Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels are…

Rhea Chopra

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